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Diplomatic Protocolar advise

Apretón de manos

The idea of reaching a new country, whether to expand your business, to promote your brand, or simply because your company has moved you, can sometimes be a difficult obstacle.

We help you fill those gaps, so that you are always comfortable wherever you are.


Our experience in business development across different continents and representation of companies and public persons, makes us aware that first impressions are worth a thousand words, so we are here to mitigate diplomatic risks.


In addition, we will take care of all the logistics of the organization for any trip that needs to be made.

Business Connections & Networking

Resumen de Londres

Our main motivation is your final satisfaction.


We are preceded by years of experience in the world of public relations and international projects. As a result,  we have the familiarity and know-how to deal with high-level profiles.

IFB Advisors will help you with the search of the key people and companies.


We will work hard to give you the opportunity to introduce you to a wide network of well-informed and influential business partners, suppliers, clients and potential investors, both local and overseas. With a tailor-made work schedule, according to the needs of your company or person.

PR – Media Relations

entrevista política

Personal representation of your brand national or international, organization of press conferences and interviews, preparation and distribution of press releases ...

IFB Advisors will represent you in all those media, meetings or events that you or your company require.

Our firm has the essential in house skills to provide first class Communication and RR strategies.

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